Gift your Domestic Helper with fitness classes from studios all around Singapore


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Keep your Domestic Helper healthy and happy by enrolling them in fun fitness classes around Singapore! FreeSpirits is a social enterprise that provides affordable packages with classes that you can gift at prices as low as $6 per session. We partner with select studios in Singapore that offers Yoga, Zumba, boxing and more. Gift opportunities for energy boosting and joy to your employee through our fitness benefits package today!




Employer purchases fitness package


Employee receives 
vouchers via SMS

Find the select studio 

of the week



Enjoy fitness classes

on Sundays off!



"The classes are the best place to boost my energy to get me through the chores of the week. Knowing how to properly stretch helps us ease some of the physical pains during the day. Many domestic helpers would like to join these classes but cannot because of the limited time and space. I love to join in all these fun activities that makes a positive impact on us." 

A.C, Indonesia
 (Yoga and Zumba)

"Joining the sessions on my days off has made me happier. When there are classes I could use the day to feel good about my body through exercise and stretching. I could also meet new friends. The program is something that really helps for foreign domestic workers like me."

S.U, Indonesia
(Yoga and Zumba) 


Gift the fun of Yoga, Zumba and more at studios around Singapore.
Affordable package as low as
$6 per class!



Note from the Founder 

This project was started by a working women in Singapore who realised how short exercise sessions on the weekends could make you feel so much happier and energized throughout the busy week. Wanting to spread this positive impact from a working women to another, FreeSpirits came to fruition as a sustainable model to provide domestic helpers fitness classes to enjoy on the weekend.

This project is still in it's soft launch phase so things may be a bit clunky but please bear with us! We promise to make it better over time. All types of feedback are welcome :)


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